What is myEAtrade?

myEAtrade is an online tools does not require programming can automatically generate source code for your forex, gold, futures automated trading in the financial markets.
Currently supports the major mainstream Forex Trading Platform. Like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, JForex.

How can myEAtrade help you?

Here are just a few examples of what you can gain by using myEAtrade:

  • Easy to use, no complicated programming techniques and terminology, without writing any code, as simple as like use a pen write ​​strategy on paper, if you like automated trading but struggling to understand programming, myEAtrade will probably be your best partner
  • Quickly convert your trading ideas and strategies to automated trading program in a few minutes, save you a lot of time and money looking for a programmer to help you programming
  • Privacy of your trading secrets. No need to share your ideas with anybody. You can create your auto trading system or trading signals privately(How myEAtrade protect your privacy)
  • If you don't like auto trading or newbie, myEAtrade can also help you by generating lot of systems for historical test to verify, improve and develop your own trading strategies in order to achieve stable profit
  • Generate trading signals via e-mail sent to your mobile device, decreasing the amount of time for watching the market trend and pressure

Some Features

  • Use technical analysis to create your trading rules (or trading conditions)
  • Support add custom indicators by yourself, so you can use any indicators in your auto-trading-system
  • Can develop complex systems with multiple currencies and multiple timeframes, and can develop hedging systems with multiple currencies
  • Support technical indicators filter, time filter, money management, trailing stop, technical stop, compatible with ECN, etc
  • Trading strategies can be transformed in signals, alert you by sound or email

How does it work?

No download files, installations or complicated configurations. Through advanced algorithms and rules engine, each generated source code is correct and generated code execution efficiency is also very efficient.

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